Path Less Traveled

I like to wonder how God will use the personalities I see developing in my little men. What type of leaders, husbands, fathers will come of these creative, impulsive, comical, imaginative boys.
When Harrison refuses to use any object for it's designed purpose I see an imagination to capture the masses, engineering to solve a world crisis, and a visionary creating the next big thing. While his impulsive nature of "leap before looking" may scare me to pieces, I know heroes need such bravery.
When he marches to the beat of his own drum, reasoning with teachers, leading older children on the play ground and proudly heading into public dressed in cowboy boots, a gladiator helmet, and a pirate sword I wonder how God will use such confidence, leadership, and personality.
See, Harrison doesn't like to stay on the path everyone else is taking, he finds new trails. He could care less of naysayers, they spur him on. His drive and passion are unmistakable. While this momma can only wonder what God has in store, I pray this man will grow after God's own heart...even while wearing his cowboy boots.
(Last shot is for Project 52 and Then She Snapped)


  1. Beautiful post. Your mothers heart praying for your sons. Lovely.


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