7 Months

Today you are 7 months little man! It still blows my mind how much you can change in 30 days. You are quickly leaving babyhood behind and setting a fast course for boyhood.
These days you weigh 18 1/2lbs and wear 9-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. You are sitting up and army crawling. Nothing is safe from your octopus arms and curiosity. My earrings, the mail, and folded piles or laundry have all fallen prey to your prowess.
You know how to captivate your audience easily holding your fans in the palm of your hand. You make friends everywhere we go with your two-toothed grin and spikey hair. You know how to wave and give "fives". You are a great sleeper and love cuddling your football bear.
You already have the appetite of a man. You've never met a morsel you didn't like. You clean your plate and look around for more. You love fried rice, so much that you attack our plates when you see it coming.
There is no one in the world cooler than your big brother. You now make a sound to call for him and want to be in eyesight of his antics. Not sure if that's a good thing for you to start learning some of his chaos. You love joining in sword fights as you can now wield your own weapon.
Jefferson, you are a joy beyond words. Your slobbery open mouth kisses never get old. I love the feel of your tiny little hands wrapping around my neck and pulling me close. Our family is richer every day because of you and the blessing you are. We love you Jefferson!


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