It would be an understatement to say Harrison has energy...to spare.
Though he tries to convince me he needs some M&M's to give him energy, this kid has it in spades and we need to find things for him to do with it.
Since we haven't found a way for him to share with me, and Jefferson is quickly building up his own excessive supply, it becomes imperative to utilize any and all outlets available.
Recently we discovered an outlet that consisted of nothing but padding, cushions, foam, and all things bouncy. This kid covered every square inch of explorable, jumpy, running space.
He climbed, slid, jumped, hung upside down, flipped, ran, and jumped some more. His energy went all over that gym.
I could just see Jefferson's little mind turning as he observed the craziness. He was getting ides, I could tell. This kid will be joining the ranks of energy burners sooner than I know it.
In the meantime, I'll be stashing Harrison's energy giving M&M's in my own top secret hiding place, and we will never stop exploring every possible outlet for these boys and there infinity energy supply.


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