Back and Forth

We frequent playgrounds...often. Please refer to the previous post if you are questioning why we need to frequent playgrounds.
For the most part, we pack up, pick up, and hike to surrounding playgrounds. We've walked several miles to get to them before.
But it sure does defy the point of burning up energy if my boys are just going to succumb to the temptation of the gently sway of a swing.
We arrive at the metropolis of slides and climbing walls, mulch piles, and bridges. They excitedly attack the bright colored towers until they see the swings tantalizing them from across the playground.
Once these boys are strapped in there is no going back. They are contained and happy as long as I keep pushing them...or my arms fall out of their sockets, which ever happens first.
(Third shot is for Show Off, last shot is for Sweet Shot)


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