Gone West

I'm going to fill you in by segments as there is too much to cover in one post, but I want to remember everything that happened. In a few years I want to read back through this and see all that God has done! The movers came on Wednesday before we moved. We were blessed to have a wonderful husband and wife team and their helper. They were so wonderful to work with and took great care of all of our things.
Harrison of course had a blast watching the big truck, even though he was a tad confused why they were packing his toys away in it.
Two days after that we said sad goodbyes to our families and loaded up to drive West. It was a long day of riding over more mountains than I could ever count, but Harrison was the best little traveler ever!
He kept his travel buddy, Aunt Hottie, annoyed entertained with at least three viewings of "Kung Fu Panda" and multiple kid songs DVD's.
We took a lot of breaks to stretch legs and keep him from getting too cooped up. He had his first "sub" at Subway for lunch, but the highlight for him was the accompanying bag of Doritos! He helped himself to our drinks as they were much cooler than his sippy cup I guess.
Aunt Hottie lost use of her IPod as Harrison soon figured out he could hear his own preferred tunes. Finally, after 10 long hours we pulled into Nashville at dinner time and had a wonderful meal at Cracker Barrel. Harrison scarfed down dinner like he hadn't eaten in days! Who knew all that riding in the car would work up such an appetite!
Our hotel was amazing and it was the perfect fit for our needs, including the kid size fridge and microwave which Harrison thought they kindly included in the room just for him!
We had a blast in the indoor pool, which wasn't heated the first night, brrr! But after getting nice and cold in the big pool Harrison found a way to warm up much to his liking...
...the jacuzzi! We only let him sit on the top step for a few minutes because it was so warm, but he loved the "hot one!" His favorite thing at the hotel was the "exclavator" and riding up and down, "rewee high!" He called the hotel the "big house!" After some fun water play and a good night's sleep we would be headed to the new house...


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