Ten Apples A Day

We took Harrison on his second annual apple picking trip. Last year he rode in a backpack carrier the whole time. Our biggest concern then was when he grabbed leaves off the trees and ate them!
This year he is much more mobile, tons more independent, and way more opinionated.
Our little man took off hunting for his own choice apples, eating his way through the orchard.
All the fruit he could eat within his reach made for one very happy and full little guy!
I lost count on how many apples he scarfed down. He was a man on a mission to find "Hayison opple" (Harrison's apples).
Mr. I-Can-Do-It-Myself hiked and ate all over that mountain side for hours.
Nothing like good mountain air, and walking up hill non-stop, and a belly full of apples, to make you sleep good.


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