Operation Christmas Child

Before we had kids Matt and I talked about Christmas traditions we wanted to have as a family. We knew how easy it is for children especially to get caught up in what they want for Christmas. While it's not a bad thing to make a Christmas wish list, or hint about what you want, it can crowd out why we even celebrate why we get and give presents, anticipate, and celebrate. We didn't want our kids to be self-focused each December.
So Matt decided each Christmas we would focus as a family on the excitement of giving. We decided each year Matt and I and our children would give something of our own. It could be something we already own, our time or energy, or give up one of our own gifts to someone who wouldn't get any.
This year we took Harrison out shopping for Operation Christmas Child. We let him pick toys he liked and told him how we would send them to a little boy who wasn't going to get presents because his family couldn't afford them. But how neat it was to give of our resources to bless him with these neat toys Harrison picked out.
Let's just say Harrison didn't quite understand the concept. There were tears when he had to relinquish toys, and he seemed pretty confused to hand over his box at church on Sunday, but I'm hoping this year planted seeds in his little heart. He was pretty proud of his finished box, (he especially enjoyed popping the rubber bands! ha!)
I pray that as each year passes and Harrison grows up he will become more and more excited about giving and sharing the joy and blessings we have because of Jesus.


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