Read ALL Instructions Before Beginning

Due to cooler temperatures pushing us indoors more and more often we scramble to find things to keep the kids engaged. Left on their own, their energy tends to find outlets in jumping off furniture, stabbing each other with vacuum cleaner attachments, or emptying salt containers. They have bored themselves with every toy in the house and it's only November. This could be a long winter! We've been trying to come up with new and exciting things for the boys; fort building (or destroying), pot and pan bands, and...painting. We read "non-toxic" and saw the kid-friendly tubes and knew this would be a hit! Maybe we should have read ALL instructions before we began though. So follows are a few tips for others who are desperate to find entertainment indoors on cold days for multiple little ones: 1) When it says "for ages 3+" they usually have guessed correctly which age group can handle the activity correctly, (aka-keeping paint on papers, off others, and themselves.)
2) When it says "non-toxic" that is great, but for kids I think this is interpreted as "edible". So even though you don't have to worry that your child may attempt to taste it, you still have to convince them it isn't food!
3) When using any kind of paint make sure you read somewhere on the bottles "Washable". Then when your child attempts to taste the paint, you don't have to worry about his lips, teeth, and tongue getting permanently stained :/


  1. Uh oh. :) I tried fingerpaints with Merrick once, he was definitely too small at the time, because it mostly ended up on him and not the paper. ;)


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