"Teeeeese!" (Cheese!)

Kids are learning how to work gadgets and electronics younger and younger these days. It amazes me how well Harrison knows how to operate digital cameras, remote controls, laptops, and as follows...cell phones!

This is the resulting self-portrait. As far as I know no one has sat down with Harrison to instruct him on which buttons to push, how to hold it to get the right shot, etc. He just knew, scary! I wasn't allowed to touch a computer until I was 12 and the word "cell phone", well we weren't allowed to use such language. I guess he'll be texting his ABC's and needing his own laptop for kindergarten, but for now, we'll just let him think taking pictures is all you can do with a cell phone.


  1. Hilarious. Great shot, Harrison! ;) Tirzah changes the backgrounds on my mom's cell. Last week, while she was in the church nursery, she called Billy, who was sitting in church! (All by accident, but it was pretty funny)


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