"Shin-oar" = Shiner

This past weekend we went away on our church retreat. Every few years all the families at our church go away together for a weekend and for a time of fellowship and growth. I told Harrison all about the mountains, the grassy hills to roll down, his class he would be in, the bon fires, fun foods, and staying up late. I told him about the cool lodge we would stay in, how cold it would be, and the hikes we would go on.
But I guess I should have told him more about what to avoid around the mountainous setting, such as the steep down grades, the urge to run down vertical paved walkways, and the stone stairway.
Sure enough, with me standing three feet away, he tripped and went face first over the top stair. His eye socket caught his full weight as he went head first onto the hard stone steps.
I think we were all in shock as we watched him in slow motion go over and then simultaneously went scrambling to grab him. Of course he was scared spitless himself.
After cleaning him up, clearing him for any serious injuries, giving plenty of hugs, and pacifying him with M&M's, our little man was proudly sporting his first shiner, or "shine-oar" as Harrison says.
He thinks he's something and likes to talk about it a lot. He is loving showing off his battle scars and war wounds. He is one brave little man!


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