Who's Your Daddy?

I can't think of many things these two guys do apart... Harrison hugs his Daddy goodbye before work and sits at the door for a long time after he leaves calling for him...
The minute he hears the key in the front door in the evening he runs for it shrieking, "Daaaadddddyyyyyy!!" (emphasis added) They shave together every morning, they brush their teeth, Harrison likes to eat whatever Daddy is eating, they play Wii, read books, and Harrison wants to show him every new thing he has learned or discovered.
The best part is I get to observe it all and cherish my two men and the bond they have. I love watching Matt's gentle leading and the way he gives Harrison all the time in the world to make him feel important. He teaches Harrison about life and about our Heavenly Father. I am blessed to be married to such a wonderful Dad to our son. I know Harrison will grow to be just like him because of the example he is.


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