Because I Don't Want To Forget...

...some of the things you say, they way you view the world right now, and your 15 month old line of thought.
I want to remember how you say "dis one" when you choose something out......and if I offer something else you say, "no, dis one mommy."
And I love how you ask to sing the "B-I-B-L-E" song.
You say, "I-E-I-E-I".
And when you want to say the alphabet... ...You say Ah-E-Ah. And I love how you call your airplane blanket "ah-oo"; not sure why, but it's still cute.
And my favorite moment by far... ...was the other night when you said your first full prayer to Jesus all on your own. You said, "Jesus, tank-you day, Amen". You are such an amazing young man and I pray that you will have a growing relationship with Jesus where you learn to talk to Him every day. We love you our big boy and are very proud of the young man you are already becoming!


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