Hung Out To Dry?

Harrison is very curious... in needing to figure out how everything works.
Like the coffee grinder, the vacuum cleaner, the car engine, and the bathtub drain...
...the dryer was a complete fascination. I guess he figured he needed a better look.
So while I ran a load of clothes to our bedroom, this guy decided to crawl up and in to inspect the dryer himself!
I came around the corner to see one very happy little man tinkering away, satisfying his ever present curiosity.
I'm glad his explorations are mere observing and exploring and not taking things apart...yet.


  1. These pictures are so cute!! And I love the name Harrison. It was on my list if Ryan wasn't named Henry... which is confusing all by itself! But one meaning for Harrison is 'son of Henry' so it is fitting for us. : )

  2. Hi Meg! I found your blog today and I'm glad I found:) It's lovely.

    Your little guy is the cutest! Great pictures:)


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