Friday, December 11, 2009

Who Me?

I am certainly not the type of mom who would document her child disobeying... He's perfect right? This guy, the one with the face; you know, the "Who Me?" face...
Yeah, him- he is not allowed to climb past those two bottom stairs. But I'm not the kind of mom who would expect my 8 month old to understand those kinds of rules. I am most definitely not the kind of mom who continues to take pictures of my son defying my authority. That adorable little guy would never challenge me...
Who Me?
And I am certainly not the kind of mom who jumps up and down and cheers when my little guy decided to obey and climb back down all on his own. No I am certainly not the mom to celebrate over the top with whoops and glee when he obeys.
Did you really think I would do that, seriously, who me?

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