9 Months

Today you are nine months old Harrison! You are growing and changing so fast!
Your little personality is growing right along with you and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. You are crawling everywhere now! You like to climb up stairs, on top of furniture, and into tight spaces in which you usually get stuck. You can cruise around the whole house and are learning to stand on your own. Just today you stood all by yourself! You love food! You eat pretty much everything we do now. Your favorites are mac 'n cheese, zucchini, Gerber crunchies, and yogurt, but you aren't really a picky eater at all.You say Dada, Mama, yay, light, ball, and bye. You babble all the time, so I have a feeling you know a lot more than you can say. I think you have a lot of opinions and great thoughts just waiting to burst out! You can sign a lot of words too! You sign more, please, no, light, bye, eat, and all done. Your poor little head stays colored with goose eggs and knots. You are quite the dare devil and take frequent dives from unsteady perches. You are my rough and tumble boy and I love every minute of you keeping me on my toes! You are our pride and joy and blessing from God! We have had such a blast these past nine months and are so proud of you! We anticipate each day as you grow in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man. We love you Harrison! Happy 9 months!


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