Throwback Thursday

Celebrating our past and blessings along the way.
Join us for Throwback Thursday! These gorgeous photos were taken after one of our first New Year's together as newlyweds. Don't we look so wide eyed and energetic? Ha! I wish I still looked even that wide eyed at midnight, but these days I am a good two or more hours into my much needed sleep by that point. I don't remember the particulars of this pictured New Years, where we were, how we celebrated, who we were with, etc. But I do know we could sleep in the next morning, um afternoon, ok the whole day if we wanted to! Matt and I were talking about how much things change with having children. But we realized we loved each and every change. Harrison has changed our lives for the better and we wouldn't trade it for anything! Not for later nights, sleeping in, going to parties, or anything else. Our little guy made our lives so much richer! This New Years might have us rubbing our tired eyes bright and early the next morning, but the years ahead of us bring much more to celebrate! Happy New Years!


  1. Oh Megan, we completely agree with you! I loved the pictures - so much fun!

  2. So true! There are so many changes, but they are all wonderful and totally worth it!


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