Snow Baby

We thought Harrison would not see snow until he was much older due to the fact that is rarely snows where we live. Remember this? We couldn't wait for Harrison to join us in the snow fun-but Harrison wasn't as excited as we thought he would be... Mom, seriously, why am I all bundled up? What is this all about? No Dad, take me back in, it's warm in there!
Please you guys, this is cold! Why are you guys so excited about this stuff- it's cold and wet! You guys are nuts if you think this is fun.
Ok, if I have to stay out here, what is there to do with this cold white stuff? Making snowballs with Daddy is kind fun...
And throwing them and eating the snow is kind of fun... But, I think it's a little overrated guys... I mean really think about it Mom and Dad, it took like 30 minutes to get ready to come out here... And well, we've been out for 7 minutes at least and I am more than ready to get back in. I mean, do I have a point?

Ok, Dad, thanks for showing me the snow, but I have a warm house I would love to go back to. Can we please go inside?


  1. His cousin Landis agrees. I have pics of his first snow on FB. Love you guys! Have fun celebrating another of Harrison's firsts this week! So much fun!

  2. Too funny...Merrick was exactly the same way for BOTH snows he's been around for. In March and now...both times he just wanted to go back in the house. I wonder if maybe kids start liking snow when they are a little older...cuz so far it's not a big hit around here. :)


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