Sunday Best

Harrison's Aunt Lina bought him his first tie and corresponding outfit. I think he knew he was a little man because he flirted and his personality oozed out the whole time he was wearing it! What a guy! Maybe I'm biased, but he was pretty studly! This is my new handsome man outfit; what do you think?
Of course, Dad and Mom had to take lots of pictures! This gets boring sometimes, so I had to spice it up a little! Haha! Eyes are closed!
Eyes and tongue! This is fun!
This is great! Now I will look all handsome at the camera right when Daddy is not looking! Haha!
Wonder how the picture will turn out if I growl?
Ok, for the fun of it, I'll give a smile.
That was fun Mom and Dad! I like messing with you guys!
Ok, one more. My family! I think I'm very loved!


  1. Hi Megan! I've been following Harrison's blog for a while. Nice to hear from you! GREAT family pictures. What a handsome hubby and son you have. :)

    My days off have been nice. This week will be my last for the time being. I have enjoyed being a part time stay-at-home wife these past few months, but while we are not parents, i'm glad to get those work hours back so we can save for a house and furniture, etc. :)


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