First Haircut!

Our handsome little man was starting to sport quite the hairdo. He had a one inch patch of hair in the front that had grown considerably longer than the rest of his hair. This made for a very stylish comb over. It was time for some grooming. With a few snips of the scissors our little guy was looking mighty handsome I must say!So they really think this spatula is going to keep me distracted from trying to grab those shiny scissors? Ok, well maybe it does- this spatula tastes great! What is Mimi doing to my hair? Everyone is "oooing" and "ahhhing"; I think I like this attention! Got to trim up the back too- I'm looking mighty fine! Are we almost done? I've been really patient. The haircut is over! What a handsome (squirmy and ready to get down) guy!


  1. WOW!! He did really well for a 1st haircut!! Mine scream their heads off.... LOL!! And my youngest (a girl) is 2.5 yrs with no first haircut yet.... I dread it!

    You'll have a post a before and a handsome final pic;)


    Here's what I was refering to :(

    So glad yours went better!!!!

  3. Thats my good bubbis! And so handsome too! =)

  4. It was amazing how distracted the spatula kept him! That was his Mimi's idea! Grandma's are pretty smart that way. I can see it being more challenging the older he gets and knows more of whats going on and not wanting to sit still for it! :)
    I love your pictures of Christopher's haircut- especially the candy flying in the air! Haha! Poor guy- he looked very handsome afterwards though! :)


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