Big Boy

I just had my sixth month check-up! Watch out world; I'm growing fast! I came in at 16.5 pounds and 26.5 inches long. The doctor said my height has now past my weight on the growth curve and I might be a tall boy! He also said my energy is picking up and even at this early boys need more food than girls so mommy gets to give me yummy snacks now! This is the life! I am coming up with all kinds of entertainment for myself. I have this one game called "Make Mommy Gasp and Jump". It's pretty easy; all I do is lunge forward from a sitting or hands and knees position as far as I can. It's even more entertaining to watch mommy's reaction if I do it near furniture! I also like to see if I can make mommy and daddy learn new sounds. It's so great! All I have to do is make a funny noise and they do it back! My parents learn so fast- they are so smart. I guess I teach them new sounds pretty well!
I love talking to people and made great friends with my pediatrician. We growled at each other and he let me play with his pen light and otoscope. I also got a book on animals for being such a good patient! I like being six months. I think this next half a year is going to be even more fun!


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