Pizza! Pizza!

Harrison had his first meet up with one of my favorites, no sauce cheese pizza. I hope these two get along because this pizza frequents our household. So we introduced the two, and well... At first his tongue must have just hit crust because there was not a big reaction, but...
Look at those eyes once the taste buds hit melted cheesy perfection!
Needless to say, Harrison and pizza made friends fast! Our little guy was speechless and still for as long as I have ever seen him be in quite awhile!
And because I, myself, am a technical difficulty, I cannot turn the video- but you will still be able to hear the cutest little guy savoring his slice :)


  1. Merrick LOVES pizza...he called it "Pita". haha. :)

  2. Oh you remember pa-da, pa-da dont you?? This was the cutest thing watching him ENJOYING that pizza!


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