Apple to Apples

We had an amazing day. We were able to watch our son enjoy one of our favorite fall traditions- apple picking! We had a blast! Harrison was so wide eyed and curious about everything. In fact he grabbed a handful of apple leaves off a tree while riding in the backpack carrier (unknown to me) and proceeded to stuff them in his mouth! It took three people, water, and some bread to get it all out, washed away, and settled! Oh what a boy! On our way up the mountain! I wonder if I'm gonna like apple picking? Daddy giving me my first bite of a fresh hand picked apple! Hmmm, that tastes....
Me and Daddy and Mommy in the orchard. Ok, enough pictures, more apples!
That's more like it! I walked was carried around the whole day with my apple in hand!
Really Mom and Dad, more pictures? Can I have my apple back now?
Yay! I love apple picking! Thank you family for this family tradition! I loved it! Can't wait until next year! I'll be able to walk and maybe even pick my own apples, I think...


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