Our house broke ground several weeks back. We've officially become construction stalkers. 
 Any excuse, time, or day we can muster up we are driving out there to see the progress. I guess we could appear a little obsessed to the construction crews. 
 The kids are as excited as we are and it's been an incredible learning experience. So far we are getting hand on lessons in footings and foundations. 
 This week our lumber was dropped off and the framing will begin! While we eagerly wait for each step, building this house has been an incredible discipling opportunity as well. 
 When we first bought the land and house back in December the very first thing we did was to huddle up in winter coats and walk across the land praying over it alongside the kids.
 We wanted them to see from day one that this home and land our not ours, but Gods; His blessing and provision and we are stewards of it. We want them to know that these walls and doors we will call our home are to ever be used for His glory. 
 The day they poured the foundation provided the opportunity to show the kids a hands on lesson about the foolish man and the wise man. We built block towers on the carpet and they fell over before they could get very tall due to the weak foundation. But when we built on a hard flat surface our towers rose higher and higher. 
 The kids were able to see the importance of our new home's foundation but also that having Christ as our foundation will allow strong steady growth that will not be easily shaken. 
 At each visit to our homesite we continue to pray over it. We pray for the hands building our home, for their safety and blessing. We pray that the Holy Spirit is already presiding over and protecting it. We pray for wisdom in how to use and utilize the gift of this home. 
It's been an incredible journey so far, building this house, but with each passing day of progress I'm realizing more and more, that the kids and ourselves are being built more too. 


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