Birthday Beach

Wilson got my beach loving genes.
Seriously, the kid has shed tears over not waking up at the beach some days. 
So after months of fall and winter begging for a beach day, we figured his birthday would be the best time to hit the sand. 
We got our picnic blanket and sunscreen, shovels and hoodies (it was a blazing 60 degrees), and headed towards the coast. 
Even though it was windy and chilly, not one of us cared!
We didn't tell the kids where we were going which made it way more fun for us.
But it didn't take them long to figure it out once we started unloading shovels and buckets from the back of the car. 
The beach we go to has a half mile hike through the woods before it opens out onto the beach. 
Our favorite part is watching for the moment we can see water peeking through the trees. 
We found the perfect spot and Wils could not have been any more happy as he ran up and down the beach shrieking. 
Madison wasn't as picky about getting sand on her hands this year as she was last year, but she was not adventurous at all when it came to anything other than sitting and looking at the water. 
But she and Washington were the only ones who were content to just sit and look. 
Even with the wind and chilly day, it didn't take 20 minutes before the big boys had plowed head first into water. 
Eventually we hung wet clothes over sticks stuck in the sand to dry and the boys stretched out in the sun to dry. 

You know those fleeting moments you know you will never forget, just a frozen in time image you'll cherish forever? Watching all my salty little heads drying in the sun was one of those, a memory filled with sounds of waves, little boys laughing, and sandy kisses from the birthday boy for his day at the beach. :) 


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