Two Month Washington

 Happy 2 Months (and one week) old Washington! 
 This month has been very adventurous and milestone achieving! 
 You met all your great grandparents, took your first road trip, went on several hikes, went to the beach, started cereal (I know I'm a terrible parent according to the AAP), rolled from front to back, started smiling, talking, and a primitive laugh. 
 You went from size newborn diapers, to size 1 diapers, to size 2 diapers in less than a week. I think you'll hold steady for a little while now. 
 You are in size 3 month clothing and you totally rocked your Easter outfit with your green chinos and bow tie! You were 21" and 11lbs 10oz at your check up. 
 But my favorite event of the past month has been your awesome conquering of sleep! There was a point around 3-4 weeks where you ate every hour and a half around the clock and I wondered if I would ever sleep again! Keeping up with you and your siblings on almost zero sleep was becoming an unreachable feat. 
 But after some perseverance, staying on top of your routine, and a lot of prayer, you started stretching it out. The first night you went six hours I wanted to throw a party! And then you went 8, then 9, and now you go 11 straight beautiful sleeping hours! I am a happy, non-zombie momma, and you are a happy playful guy. I still might throw that sleep party! ;)
 Ash, we love your bright blue eyed stares, your sweet "words", the way you light up when you see your Daddy, and the way you snuggle your little head under my chin. You are so flexible and have no problem spending the day tucked into a sling or carrier and going along with whatever crazy adventure we've got planned. You only fuss when you're tired or in the carseat (you hate the carseat.)
You are the best surprise we've ever gotten and we are so thankful God decided our family needed you! We love you so very much and cannot wait for all the months and years ahead!


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