The "Firsts" Get Bigger

Dear Harrison,
For better or worse, being the firstborn means we experience all these new things right alongside you. 
So just like the first time we taught someone to walk, eat with a spoon, put a shirt on, tie shoes, or ride a bike was with you... is our entry into the world of organized sports. 
Your first game was this past Saturday. On our way there you told us you were pretty nervous. 
Your Dad gave you a killer pep talk. Pushing nerves aside, you laced up your shoes and ran out on the court with a confidence I couldn't admire more. 
Because I need to admit something Harrison, I was nervous too. 
Each time you take a bigger step in this life I do get nervous. It's a good excited nervous, but I feel it. 
I sat frozen on the sidelines, a smile plastered to my face, my eyes silently watching every single step you made across the court.
I'm sorry I'm not a loud sideline mom, maybe just yet. Maybe that will come. My nerves got the best of me. But my heart was bursting. 
You were incredible! You are the boss of defense! You stayed in their faces, held up their offense, stole a few balls, and even got your own assist stat! 
I quietly soaked it all in. My nervous heart watching a piece of my world step into a new realm. And then at half time, before running with your team to the locker room, you ran over and gave me a kiss. It was what both our hearts needed. I cherished it and will never forget that precious moment my little man. 
I'm so very proud of you Harrison. For the man you're becoming, for conquering nerves and showing your confidence in incredible sportsmanship and play. 
Going through life's firsts are going to be a rollercoaster ride for us. Some have been and will be tough leaving us both in tears. 
Some are going to be full of celebration and joy. Others are going to be leaning on the other to get through nervousness and uncertainty. 
But I'm so beyond thankful you were chosen to be my firstborn to do all these "firsts" with. 
And just like I held your hands with first steps, bandaged scraped knees with bike riding lessons, whooped and hollered when you first tied your shoe or read a book, know were in this together. 
Sometimes I'll be alongside you, others I'll be on the sidelines, but always I'm right there, heart bursting, going through the "firsts" together. 
I love you, Harrison, my little basketball star! 


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