The Day It All Began

 One dark and stormy night...
 Ok, actually it was a dark and stormy Friday afternoon. Right around noon to be factual, light snow started falling and quickly covered everything with a dusty white. 
 So we did what every normal person does to prep for acclimate weather; I made Matt drive to Chipotle and stock up before we got snowed in. 
 Actually, I didn't have to make him. He's an awesome husband like that and just knew that was the best way to take care of his wife ;)
 But chipotle only lasts so long and this storm went all through the rest of Friday night, into Saturday, and didn't let up until early Sunday morning hours. These pictures are from midday Saturday, about half of the snow we were to get had fallen. 
 But by Saturday morning, the boys were anxious to get outside and check out the blizzard mid action. 
 It briefly let up from the swirling snow fall so we bundled up and spent an hour falling backwards into it, jumping off daddy's arms into it, and hearing Wils sob about having to be in it. (He's my kid.)

 The older two were having a blast wrestling and throwing each other since they had a nice cushion to soften the impact. Soon, the wind picked up and snow started blizzarding again.

 We all headed back inside to hunker for the next and most significant snow accumulations. That afternoon we counted 2"-3" an hour. We built a fire, wrapped up inside of blankets with a bag of marshmallows and had a blast.
Wils was perfectly happy to stay wrapped up at his window seat and watch the snow from inside. He and I kept talking about the beach and together we made it through the first day of the great blizzard '16. 


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