Sweet Sixteen

Watching the ball drop in NYC from my couch, in my pj's, and sipping a cup of sparkling grape juice and my momma mind started drifting. 
The next 366 (it's leap year) days will bring lots of growing to the four sleeping babies up the stairs. 
I had just spent the whole of New Years Eve letting them stay in their jammies, sneak special treats, ride bikes, play in the mud, blow bubbles, and eat popsicles. 
The weather was awesome and we were happy to oblige by moving outdoors for the day. 
And before I knew it, the day was over, the year was over and I was forced to face what 2016 will bring. 
This year will bring a seven year old, a five year old, a three year old, and a one year old; a second grader, a kindergartener, a pre-schooler, and a get-into-everything-while-mom-is-busy-teaching-schooler. 
This year will be sweet firsts and lasts. New milestones and memories. Beach trips, bike rides, learning to walk, write, read, and long division. 
This will be a year of growing pains and blessings as we continue to cling to Christ in His perfecting us and discipling these four little people. 
2016 will be huge, full of blessings beyond what we can ask or imagine. Full of discovering more depths to the grace and love we don't deserve, given freely by our Father. 
Sixteen will be sweet as we watch these little blessings change and grow. We look forward to witnessing the incredible growth this New Year will bring!


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