The Day Snow Wrote History...

I'm writing to solely document this historical moment, not because I condone or feel privileged to bear witness to this end.  
In the event that this historical blizzard leaves no survivors, this blog post may lead historians toward clues as to how the world, or at least NOVA ended.
The days ahead were full of frenzied chaos and hurried preparation as newscasters littered their forecasts with such language as "life threatening" and "catastrophic".
One can only assume using such language caused an entire society to crumble into mass panic, raiding the stores of canned goods and loaf bread. But as if this wasn't enough they had the nerve to forecast an unprecedented 30+" of snow over the period of 36 hours. 
In the days leading up to the catastrophic event, a secret snowfall took the city by surprise, crippling transportation and leaving commuters trapped on a ten mile stretch of highway for three or more hours, some abandoning their cars to walk. But this was only the beginning, not even the crippling event predicted.  

And so if you're reading this, know we fought bravely. We bought that milk, we pillaged that bread, we filled our gas tanks, and sat waiting at the windows like soldiers on the eve of battle, anticipating the first wave of attacks. And just as they predicted it began...the blizzard of '16.
(I jest. Raise your bowls of snow cream like proud survivors! Here's to being a part of history!)


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