8 Months Madison

Dear Baby Girl,
Happy eight months baby girl! 
Today you're celebrating with a fever, congestion, no appetite, and your sleep is getting robbed by a croupy cough. 
But it doesn't matter what the thermometer says, how many times I have to wipe your nose, or that you don't even feel like eating your favorite sweet potato puffs, you smile and "coo"and stay your incredibly sweet self as these pictures offer proof. 
Aside from being a champ with this sick stuff, you're growing so fast! You still are tiny and petite wearing 3-6 month clothes and wearing size two diapers. 
But tiny doesn't stop you from moving and shaking! You can sit up great now and love this new vantage point. 
You are also crawling everywhere and getting into all your brothers' toys; they grab their treasures and run for cover as you invade. You've crept in on their picnics and stolen their chicken nuggets and quesadillas. 
You've eaten legos, magazines, wrapping paper, and leaves no matter how vigilant we are to clear your path. You are fast and you do it all with a smile. 
You nurse every three hours, and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You've only turned down one food and that's apricots. Other than that, you aren't picky at all and have just started indulging in some of our foods like pancakes and olives!
You are so laid back and sweet all the time. I'm serious. It doesn't matter if you're tired, sick, hungry, freezing cold, or bored, you are just incredibly sweet. You have us all wrapped around your precious little finger and we love our gentle princess! Happy 8 months sweet baby girl! And get better soon :) 


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