Home Sweet...Friends

 There's not much that can make coming home from the beach exciting.
 I mean it's nice to be back in your own bed and get back into a routine again, but our feet start aching for the feel of sand not long after we leave.
 On the way home our car is typically full of sand coated pails, half empty sunscreen bottles, and little boys asking when we're going back.
 But this year we had every reason in the world to be excited to get home, we had company on their way.
 Not just any company, but the best friend kind. The kind that may as well be family.
 The kind of friends that you stay up late talking with, have coffee with messy hair and no makeup, chase little boys around IKEA with, pray with, cry with, laugh way too hard about nothing with, hope with, and live with.
 Because honestly I don't know how we'd live without them. They are honestly, our hand-picked by God, iron sharpens iron, friends.
 For several awesome days we toured Arlington, invaded IKEA, saw spaceships, ate too much, slept too little, refereed little boy wrestling matches, and just soaked up new memories to last us until the next anticipated time together. 
So grateful for the miles they drove to be here, the days we spent watching our kids get excited about astronauts and be in awe at Arlington National Cemetery's changing of the guard, and so grateful for the blessing of these friends we call family. 
We love you guys!


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