5 Month LilyMae

As you can tell from my blogging, or lack thereof, this past month has been a crazy mix of chaos and coastlines. 
In the past month I have managed to start a first grade and preschool school year, spend two weeks seaside totally not keeping up with what day of the week it was, helped move friends halfway across the country, spend time with friends we can't see enough, and blogged zero times.
In all the crazy, this beautiful sassy lady grew another month older! Our deep blue ocean eyed baby girl is now five months old and becoming quite the spunky little addition!
LilyMae, I can hardly believe you're the same tiny infant first placed in my arms five months ago. You can now roll front to back and have invented some army crawl/scoot hybrid to get the toy you so desperately can't wait to chew on.
You are the most laid back, sweet little girl in the whole world, of this I'm sure. Proof would be how you spent the majority of the past month not sleeping in your own bed, never having a normal routine, eating everywhere from mini golf courses to basketball tryouts, and you never got out of sorts about any of it.
You stay happy, peaceful, and wide eyed taking in the world and the non-stop chaos surrounding you. You cannot get enough of your big brothers and reward their rapt attention with huge dimpled smiles and musical laughter.
You hardly ever cry. There's very few things that make your deep blue ocean eyes well up with heartbreaking tears, in fact there's only three. One, the carseat, you hate being in the car, but you typically get over it fairly quickly. Two, when you're genuinely hurt, like a brother throws a ball and it hits you. Three, when you'd just rather take a nap instead of hanging out with your crazy family.
You are starting to show us a little more about just who LilyMae is and we can't get enough of you! You have learned how some of your silly faces elicit choruses of laughter so you love getting our attention to try out your new expressions. You are ticklish, patient, and gentle.
You are starting to play with toys and grab things to study and chew. Your pink sock monkey is a close fixture and you have very long conversations together filled with the sweetest little noises. I can't wait to find out what you're saying.
You're in size two diapers, 6-9 month clothing, and even though I'm not a fan of the weather getting colder, your cute clothes are definitely helping with that. You nurse every three hours, eat baby food for dinner and so far haven't had any objections to anything you've tried.
You are the sweetest little blessing and we love having you in our family! You've just jumped right in with us and handled your family's crazy last month beautifully. This next month should be a little bit slower so there should be a lot more blogging and a lot more time to soak up you and your incredible big brothers. We love you LilyMae!


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