A Surprise the Size of the Ocean

Matt works some pretty crazy hours.
We couldn't be more proud of the man he is, how dedicated he is to his work, and how hard he does it to take care of us.
But with the long days and late hours, days will go by before the boys get some time with him.
So Matt had a brilliant idea to escape to the beach, just the six of us, and it was perfect!
The boys had no clue what we were doing. They didn't know until the minute Matt opened our hotel room and the ocean was sprawling beyond our patio doors.
Once the shrieks and jumping off furniture calmed down we all ran out onto the beach. We didn't take anytime to change into bathing suits but that didn't matter at all to the boys who ran straight into the waves.
The sun was setting, the beach was almost empty, and yet we stayed out playing in the waves, letting LilyMae touch the sand and sea for the first time, and watching our silly boys drip with salt water as the stars came out.
We had an incredible three days playing on the ocean front, spending time as a family and having Matt all to ourselves. It was needed and perfect, and may have further confirmed our dreams of one day making the beach our home. ;)


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