A Comedy of Errors

You'd think four kids into this parenting thing we would have mastered a thing or two.
But even after six years of full time mommy status, I'll do something royally absent minded and wonder who in the world decided I was grown up enough to be responsible for little humans.
Case in point, taking four kids to the beach for a long weekend - seems innocent enough.
But then my mommy brain lapsed on packing necessities and somehow we ended up with a sore lack of clothing options for the infant...
...swim diapers for the toddler, snacks for bottomless pits, and shampoo and conditioner for me.
And while yes there are stores nearby to purchase aforementioned items, it wasn't until we were in the moment in which we needed them that we realized I had forgotten them.
Which is why I found myself lugging a sand covered toddler with a loaded diaper through a hotel with an infant strapped to my chest who's wearing the same outfit for the second day due to the shortage.
Or how we got to the hotel way past dinnertime and everyone was asking what was for dinner and all I had were two smushed packages of fruit snacks and a granola bar.
But the best thing about doing this parenting thing is you quickly learn to think on your feet and you kind of evolve into a Macgyver in your own right.
Problem solving skills go through the roof, and even the sandy dirty diaper moments become comical memories worth the momentary, "what was I thinking?"
These four awesome kids are turning out ok even with my occasional judgment lapses. They still love me and trust me despite my lack of granola bars on hand.
Our four days at the beach were completely perfect, even if we ended up having to walk a few miles to get lunch, spill water all over the restaurant menus, turn hand towels into sumo wrestler style temporary diapers, and ended up using the complimentary shampoo.
It's the stories I get to tell them over and over again from trips like this that make them dissolve into giggles over the silliness that are completely worth every hilarity filled moment of parenthood.


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