2 Month LilyMae

LilyMae, you are now two months old, ok slightly over two months old, and officially moved from newborn to baby.
There is no denying your alertness, your eager observation of your wild big brothers, and the way you fight any coddling.
You prefer to be carried high on a shoulder so you can have your head up high looking out over the world from your nosy perch.
You are all smiles and "coos" as long as you are getting eye contact and in someone's arms.
You are the sweetest little girl in the whole world. You are perfectly content to go with the flow at all times. You eat, sleep, and entertain yourself just about anywhere we are.
You only get fussy when you're not feeling well, super hungry, or need to be changed. Otherwise you stare up at us with your gorgeous deep blue ocean eyes and we melt.
You are in size one diapers and size 0-3 months clothes, though I tried a 6 month dress on you recently and because of your long little self it fit!
We love you sweet girl and love the pink you've added to our world! Your big brothers, mommy, and daddy can't get enough of you! It's been a blessed two months and we can't wait for the many years ahead of getting to you know you!


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