36 Weeks

How Far Along: 36 Weeks (I'm a week behind in posting this, but y'all are used to that now right? :)
And photo creds go to my creative husband who told me I needed to include both pictures: one of me in focus and one of the cherry blossoms in focus. I just appreciate his willingness to fuss with my camera every week to document this so when he was super excited about his pictures you better believe I include them both :)
Size of Baby: Our ultrasound last week measured her around 5lbs and 18" long.
Gender: Girl!
Maternity Clothes: Thanks to her dropping I can now wear some of my regular shirts again, but my regular jeans are now out of the running. I've found one pair of maternity pants that doesn't have that annoying panel thing and they actually work somewhat. But because she's so low it honestly feels funny to have anything tight around my hips so maxi skirts rule supreme!
Movement: She's losing a lot of her space as everything shifts towards her birthday. She isn't somersaulting anymore, but she loves to stretch out and doesn't care about abdominal walls or kidneys getting in her way.
Cravings: Fruit, watermelon, pineapple, fruit, blueberries, strawberries, fruit, kiwi, mangoes...fruit. 
Symptoms: At my 36 week appointment my midwife once again noted I'm measuring a month behind. I'm also losing weight as my thyroid meds have been upped again. She said little lady is extremely low and she is willing to "bet money" I won't make it full term. She said to get ready because we'll be having a baby at any time. I told her I was really hoping to make it to May and she laughed. She doesn't share my optimism. But babies come when they come regardless of what I want or what the midwife says. So I'm still going to pray for at least May 1!
Best Moment of the Week: Getting her crib all set up with the bedding, and just sitting in the rocking chair in her room knowing in just a few weeks time she will be in our arms. Oh and Jefferson daily asking if she can come out now so he can teach her stuff :)

Harrison at 36 Weeks (No pics, just update after a midwife appt.)


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