The Normalcy of Chaos

Harrison has decided sticking his tongue out is the perfect new pose for all pictures take in his general direction.
He's also decided to add bull riding, space exploration, and knighthood to the long list of life goals he has written for himself.
 Jefferson has recently announced he has super hero powers which consist of being able to see in the dark.
Not sure exactly how he plans to use said ability, but I'm keeping a close eye on him to make sure he doesn't test out any hidden super hero flying abilities. 
In other normal chaos news, these two have decided toothpaste makes an excellent cleaner and I routinely find their bathroom mirror and counter polished to a hazy mint blue finish and proud men waiting to be praised for their cleaning efforts.
And this little mischievous chunk has taken up penmanship, showing incredible promise for superb handwriting skills. His only downfall is mistaking couches and tables with paper. Also, scotch tape unrolling and throwing non-trash items in the garbage are quickly becoming his superior skill set.

And that's just a quick summation of what's been going on around here and what's been making life fun, full, and well, perfect. :)


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