Full of Thanks 2014 Interview

Once again, time for an entertaining interview with the brothers... 
(And for previous entertainment here are the Full of Thanks Interviews 2012 and 2013 :)
What is one thing/item you are thankful for? 
Harrison: That I have a Buzz Lightyear toy 
Jefferson: For my Blades Rescuebot Transformer
Who is a person you are thankful for?
Harrison: Bean
Jefferson: My Daddy! (yelled loudly)
What is something spiritual you are thankful for?
Harrison: That God has given us a nice house to live in and we are safe there!
Jefferson: God loves me! (more yelling)
What is a weakness you have that you are thankful for?
Harrison: Well, I'm not as good at being an American Ninja Warrior yet, but I'll practice so I can jump across all that stuff and climb and I'm thankful for that!
Jefferson: Um, pico and chips!
What is a health related thing you are thankful for?
Harrison: Motrin
Jefferson: I can see in the dark!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving Day food?
Harrison: The turkey leg!
Jefferson: Yeah, turkey!


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