Jones Point

Are y'all ready for this shocker? This family loves water.
If you've been reading this blog as long as say, last week, you'll know we were made for sea and sun.
So keeping my hydromaniacs satisfied in between oceanfront excursions means searching out adventures as close to water's edge as possible.
And a combination of reading blogs and getting lost has found us some pretty neat adventures along the Potomac.
Recently I've employed google maps and just wander a 50 mile radius looking for any pristine spot waiting to by stomped and muddied by three powerballs.
This week's map hit was Jones Point Park; never heard of it? It's ok, most of DC hasn't either and it's ok with me if it stays that way.
Tucked in the lower corner of Old Town Alexandria, is a hidden spot of history and water front exploring.
It boasts one of the only remaining riverine lighthouses in the country and the only one on the Chesapeake Bay.
Apparently this was a happening place back in the late 1800's but it was blissfully peaceful and solitary for us...
...until my boys got there that is. But I read that at one point the lightkeeper in the early 1900's had his wife and 11 children living in that little house so that made the noises my guys were making seems little quieter.
But even with their antics, scraped knees, and climbing...on everything...the boys appreciated the spot for what it was. I've never seen them so still with so much waterfront play waiting to be had.
In fact they asked passing kayakers if they knew if the lighthouse for sale so we could buy it. But I have a feeling, with our water love, we'll be back, soon.


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