Real Waterfalls

Since it had been a few weeks since our last adventure and the boys insisted there is still a river a lava somewhere around here to be found...
...It was time to head off on another adventure as we continue to explore every square inch of this crazy clashing of history and politics, otherwise known as our nation's capitol.
And while DC holds every tourist allure, it's been nice to step off the Hill and look for lava rivers in other places that don't require security checks and pat downs.
So all I had to read was the word "waterfall" and we were packed and out the door (also it was Mother's Day and that may have had something to do with how compliant everyone was to go hike six miles over rocks and marsh.)
We ended up having to ditch our stroller since for some reason the phrase "3 mile hike to falls" didn't register to us that it may not be wheel-friendly terrain. But nothing a baby carrier didn't solve and God kept our tethered stroller safe until we backtracked for it. 
And my hair tie snapped leaving my sweaty, baby carrier shrouded neck covered in the equivelent of a fur coat, but nothing a marsh reed couldn't fix. I'm telling y'all, with my incredible hair accessory finds in the wild I'm ready for "Survivor".
But the boys' faces of their first glimpse of the thunderous falls were priceless and worth every mile and rock climbed. It was the perfect magical moment of stillness as I sat on boulders above the falls, surrounded by my men willing to wade mud and tie grass around my ponytail, that made this Mother's Day truly one of the best.


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