Snow Shooters

Right before the snow melted to give us the ultimate puddles to jump in, we still had, well...a lot of snow.
And while sledding, snow cream, snow fort, snow hikes, snowmen, and snow balls are fun...when you are pre-wired for summertime, there's only so much "snow" you can take.
But as it was, snow covered everything and when it looked like it may melt off, snow fell again and little boys were quickly getting bored.
So what would any sane parent do when impulsive and hyper kids need a new activity?
Provide water guns filled with brightly dyed water...I get that I have serious thrill issues. But it did get them outside and having fun long enough to ignore the cold for a whole 10 minutes.
And while one pair of gloves is now a hideous shade of rust brown and Harrison walked around for a few days with blue splotches across his face due to a misfire there were no other casualties.
For all the longing for summer and wanting to 'break-up with this winter' feelings...there were a lot of wonderful memories with the snow too.
But I don't think any of us were sad to watch the sun melt away our snow dye shoot-out and bring on the Spring...hopefully :)


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