Final Fours

I snagged a window of time to get my workout in the other day so I grabbed some athletic socks and raced to the treadmill. I sat to pull on my favorite NIKE socks and realized they had shrunk a bit.
Just a few seconds of bewilderment passed until it hit me like a ton of brinks...I had on Harrison's new socks! Gone are the toddler socks with the grips on the soles. Gone are the tiny soft fuzzy pairs. His foot now competes with mine in sock size. And it may seem silly to you but sitting there with his NIKE sock on I couldn't stop the emotions that flooded my heart.
In just a few weeks this boy that made me a momma will be turning five and to me that's a huge milestone. Harrison would like us to believe he is now full grown so he can legally obtain his pilot license, concealed weapons permit, and vote. 
Sometimes when I observe him involved in recounting of some tale I catch my breath at the glimpse of the man emerging. But then a little brother won't cooperate with his vision for a sword fight sequence and the ensuing outburst dispels all thoughts of adulthood.
But even with slapstick humor, LEGO mania, ninja skills, and food fights, Harrison has begun to balance the line of manhood. I see God molding and moving that heart of his in mighty ways and I firmly believe God has an incredible plan for this soldier of His.
For all the times he is breaking my vases, leaving Doritos finger prints on my couch, and mountain climbing the stair cases, he is teaching me how to pray without ceasing and to be still and listen to the nudging of the Holy Spirit. Many times he stops us right where we are saying we need to pray at the moment for something. He loves to memorize scripture so he can have more "swords" to fight Satan.
While it's hard to believe I can pretty much share socks with my first born I can believe in the incredible man that he is growing into. I can see The Potter working the clay and I feel honored sitting on the front row watching the masterpiece be created. I am sure the next few weeks will be a mess of emotions as I soak up the last days of 'four' and celebrate the arriving 'fives'.


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