Can You Hear Me?

It's hard to believe a year has gone by since our little man had all his ear adventures. Since then we've been for two hearing screens and several follow-up visits at our local children's hospital.
This past visit marked the one year check. Harrison had another hearing screen, which he passed with flying colors, but not without some of his own antics thrown in. He would't say when he heard a noise and the tech would ask if he hear the bird. Harrison would answer, "I heard a noise, but that was definitely not a bird!"
The ENT then took a look. He said there was a bunch of pressure and one of the ear drums wasn't healed completely were the tube fell out. We will have another recheck in a few months and see if we need to replace the tubes. In the meantime I sure will be reminding Harrison he can't use the excuse, "I didn't hear you."


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