Real Men Grill

Harrison has long been fascinated by the grill. As a little baby he would watch mesmerized behind the screen door of the porch as Matt seared and flame broiled yummy meats. This fascination has grown into all things grilled and has sparked Harrison's manly mantra of, "More meat!" After asking over and over to help Daddy "gill the hotdogs!" We knew it was time to look into something Harrison could grill. And there it was in those wonderful day after Thanksgiving sales papers - A toy grill! Perfect for our manly, pyro, meat eating boy. Since he opened it on Christmas he has been grilling non-stop. It's the first thing he runs to in the morning, where he heads when I mention meal time, and he carries with tongs and spatula like a prized possession. Who knows, maybe one day he'll be asking for a four burner outdoor grill and providing us all kinds of good meals!


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