How We Do Green

Morning sickness has hit hard and heavy, except "morning" is not the time of day it usually appears for me. We more deal with afternoon and evening sickness. Our little guy has been a trooper with his momma gone AWOL. He is loving having me lay around to cuddle with, being able to eat picnic style in the floor, and snacking non-stop as I search high and low for any food that won't make my stomach revolt. He's enjoying some extra tv time, some extra getting away with stuff, and extra late bedtimes as I fight the green feeling. I originally thought he would be happy when this stage had passed, but I'm wondering if he is kinda liking the perks of having mom out of commission. Well, Mr. Man, just give this momma a few more weeks. Once second trimester hits I'm hoping to be nausea free and energy high! Green will be things of the past and so will eating hot dogs on the den floor. (Well, maybe occasionally :)


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