9 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 9 Weeks
Size of Baby: Grape
Total Weight Gain/Loss: No change yet
Maternity Clothes: Not yet-for comforts sake I will occasionally pull on some maternity pants, but not because I need it, they just feel better! Still loving my Bella Band!
Gender: Don't know yet, but can't wait to find out!
Movement: Not yet
Sleep: Not the best, but that's ok. It's all worth it!
What I Miss: Deli meat and cherry coke zero
Cravings: Mexican
Symptoms: Green and tired. Poor Harrison is tired of Mommy always being on the couch feeling sick. I don't think he understands why I don't wrestle in the floor or want to smell his goldfish crackers.
Best Moment This Week: Telling everyone the great news of baby Clark!
Big brother holding a grape (the size of the baby this week.)


  1. You look absolutely beautiful! Nobody would ever know that you were feeling "green". I am so excited to have another niece/nephew! :-)


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