Flour Power

Ok, I'm weird, we'll acknowledge this for those of you who don't already know it. I like weird things to eat, I like to prepare them weird, and I like to try to make myself not feel weird for doing it. One of my favorite weird things is flour. To get even weirder it has to be self-rising flour. I don't eat it by spoonfuls, but I do like tasting a pinch while baking. I have no idea where this started.
While I have excepted my weird label and singly enjoyed my flour tasting while baking it seems I now have a kiddo who follows in my weird steps.
After his Mimi finished baking some bread he climbed up the stool to get to the counter so fast you would have thought his pants were on fire.
He certainly hasn't seen me helping myself to flour so maybe it's just ingrain? I don't know, but at least I have a fellow flour taster.
Now I wonder if he also likes dipping pretzels in cool-whip or frozen marshmallows with peanut butter?


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