Throwback Thursday (Sort Of)

Celebrating our past and blessing along the way! Join us for Throwback Thursday!

I can hardly believe this Harrison's second State Fair! We had a blast remembering last year's State Fair and seeing how much Harrison has changed! This year he did not disappoint, though his face pretty much kept the same expression (the one above.)
I'm guessing it has something to do with how overwhelming it must be to someone who really doesn't understand what's going on exactly. Who wouldn't be worried to see 30 people strapped into a metal cage and flipped violently around while screaming their heads off.
Or why wouldn't you be the slightest concerned when we you see someone inhale a turkey leg the size of your head, enough cotton candy to fill a bed pillow, and a fried dough that could rival a compact car in a few minutes time? And I think it's ok to be a little intimidated of large, loud, flying machines when you are less than three feet tall.
And why the horses stay stuck in the same circle and don't go another way, I'm sure has been baffling young minds for ages.
I sure wish I knew exactly what must be going through your little mind Harrison, but your face sure was a highlight of my day as you tried to figure out the craziness that is the Sate Fair!


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