Saying Thank You

On Saturday, September 11, we went to our local fire station. My mom had a wonderful idea of how to commemorate this 9/11 anniversary. We baked cookies and took them to our local first responders to thank them for their service.
We didn't really know what to expect, but I guess when you walk into a building full of males with a basket loaded with fresh baked cookies, they are pretty much going to be happy to see you!
Harrison was thrilled beyond words the moment we stepped in and he saw the trucks! He started to asked to get up in them, and they firemen were so excited to see him crawl in and "drive"!
Harrison calls them "whee-ew, whee-ew's", mimicking the siren noise- haha!
It was great for us to take some time out of our day to give back to the men and women who give us so much. And I think the firefighters really enjoyed interacting and meeting some of the faces they give their lives to protect. It was kind of awe inspiring and really made us have a new appreciation. I think we might have to come bearing goodies to these brave heroes more than just once a year!


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