Never Forget

You weren't yet alive so you won't remember that day. You won't have to remember those horrific images on the screen, the terror and panic, the shock of the news. You didn't have to sit glued to the TV for hours trying to make sense of it all. But Harrison, because of that day, the world you live in has been changed forever. And I don't want you to forget. You are going to hear and learn about that day because I don't want you to forget. I want you to learn about the bravery, the heroes, the sacrifices, and the patriotism. I want you to truly grasp the burden of that day. And more importantly I want you to know how God reigned in the face of it all. Even in the midst of chaos our God is ever present. I pray for your salvation so that even in the midst of fear and panic you will have an ever present help in trouble.
Harrison, never forget the blessing of the country you were born in, the brave men and women who defend it, and the lives given to protect it.


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